Top 15 Highest Online Paying Slots of 2022 

Top 15 Highest online paying slots

The online casino craze has taken over the world. Players are signing up in historic numbers thanks to online casinos’ great benefits and convenience. When you play your favorite games online, you can save a large amount of money that would otherwise be spent on travel. The realm of online casino gambling has been completely legitimized thanks to online casinos. Even still, some gamblers are skeptical about the games’ fairness.

On the other hand, online slots have an RTP compared with, if not better than, brick and mortar casinos.

The top 15 highest-paying online slots in 2022 are listed below. With these player-friendly games, you’ll be able to increase your bankroll and win regularly.

Let’s start with the best online slots:

1. Ancient Gods is a game found at Red Dog Casino.

2. Kings of Chicago

3. Ocean’s Treasure is a game found at Cafe Casino.

4. Mega joker

5. Ignition’s Caesar’s Empire – It is at Super Slots.

6. Ignition’s Stacked – It is available at Ignition.

7. Dracula

8. Atlantic Treasures – this is regular at Slots.

9. LV Aztec’s Millions – offered at Las Atlantis.

10. Popinata – accessible at Slots Empire.

11. Blood Suckers

12. Arrogant Pirates – available at Bovada.

13. Asgard – accessible at El Royale.

14. Monopoly is a big affair

15. Tower Fortuna – available at Wild Casino.

Ancient Gods –  

  • There’s burning activity and legendary reels anticipating players in the wonderful Ancient Gods online space from RTG. Our survey shows you every one of the adventures of this space, having designs, bursting liveliness, and jolting ongoing interaction. Peruse on to open the privileged insights of the Ancient Gods online space auditoriums.
  • This five-reel, 25 pay line game guarantees great amusement and prizes from dynamic elements. Plan, outlines, and liveliness are heavenly; however, the unique elements bring this game alive.
  • Changing wilds inhale fire on the reels for heaps of additional success lines. Furthermore, a free twists reward can bring multipliers and added wilds for awards. Watch the successes stack up on expanding changes of the searing reward.
  • Notable for its customary spaces, RTG goes into a new place with the Ancient Gods online opening. Peruse on to get the lowdown on the organization’s most recent hot openings.

Kings of Chicago- 

  • You can play the kings of Chicago slots to win money. Your winnings can be doubled by making a bet on the deals initiated from the free trials. with the help of free trials, you can make money and when many jackpots.
  • The winning is dependent on the bet level you select for the deal. The highest value of the coins is one, and the lowest value of coins is 0.5.

Ocean’s Treasure-

  • According to the surveys, the ocean’s treasure founds the safest online site or software fascinating by the people. This is the treasure found most exciting features to win multiple games, and it appears a symbol in a free spin to win the triple value, but if it fails to connect, the price gets multiplied by 5X. This is the ocean’s treasure because it provides infinite machine slots to make real money.
  • The game incorporates aspects from several folklores. Vikings dreaded the Kraken, but the goddess and buried city portrayed here would fit in nicely with a slot based on Greek mythology.
  • Whatever the case may be, the Ocean’s Treasure online slot is a visually stunning game that works well on PCs, smartphones, and tablets. While schools of fish swim by, oblivious to the drama on the reels, statues, carved seashells, and tentacles border the 5×3 grid of symbols.
  • The goddess is joined by seaweed-infested playing card images, a compass, a message in a bottle, a key, and a chunk of diamond and gold.

Mega joker-

  • Mega joker is a casino normally known for the online slot games belongs to the joker games or jokers slots which provide the best service to customers and earn money.
  • You can win when you end three identical symbols to each other nothing is predetermined to win the combinations. Mega joker provides multiple gaming systems, and super meter mode ends many successful jackpots you can bet four or five times.

Ignition’s Caesar’s Empire- 

  • It gets launched in 2005, known for video slotting. Based on the real-time gaming software, having 20 pay lines with five reels, you can minimum bet two times having high jackpot, volatility, progression scatters, Wilds, and an RTP of 95 to 97%.
  • Ignition’s empire has a bonus feature of fun play, turbo play, and free spins. You have to turn up the Roman helmet, shield, and Colosseum symbols when you spin.

Ignition’s Stacked –

  • Ignition stack has been considered legal for most players because few states have laws. I will be doing go after notable exception does that in the state of Washington.
  • Ignition poker is mostly played in Bovada and bulldog. Every Thursday at 9:00 PM, you can take a seat at the freerolls tournament for ignition rewards.
  • You have to issue free tickets every Friday to register in advance. Ignition state is played Honestly, or we can say no cheating is taking place to win the game. Most people play this game for their fun.


  • Dracula is a one-of-a-kind online slot machine. 1980s arcade games and video slots inspire the design. This game has a ridiculously high maximum RTP, ranging from 96 to 99 percent.
  • Because of this fluctuation, only the highest denominations will have the highest RTP. You should be able to jump right into a game with a 99 percent chance of winning.
  • Even so, it’s a good idea to look up the game’s RTP before you start playing. The denominations range from $0.10 to $500 per pay line, and with ten pay lines, it may get pricey.

Atlantic Treasures – 

  • Atlantic is the legendary city of Atlantis which provides I know she enough possibilities where the treasure of gameplay formed. You are coupled with 50 fixed pay lines and use actively positive or negative buttons.
  • Check out the balance display to keep an eye on your stash at all times. You can also exit the bet on auto mode at any time and adjust your settings by clicking the buttons again.
  • There are nine basic symbols to collect in Atlantic treasures and then split into two groups. It provides a spin bundle and replaces the basic sync symbols to create new reels.

LV Aztec’s Millions –

Aztecs Are the best example of a retro slot machine in design and have potential and great features for rewards. This is An remarkable opportunity for its customers. It comprises 25 pay line indicators enriched with five plain white reels set in a gold frame. The nine and ten playing card symbols are the lion bets. It is also known as the king of wild symbols. Many jackpots have a golden symbol that directly jumps on larger jackpots by betting real-time gaming progressive slots.


  • Popinata was released in April 2017. Provided by RTG at maximum RTP 96% Having five reels with ten pay lines, their betting range is 0.01 to 2.50 dollars. The maximum pay-outs are one like 25,000, but the problem is that there are no progressive jackpots and mega ways.
  • The Popinata Slot, with its vibrant Mexican ambiance, transports players out of the winter season and into a summer of sombreros, cacti, and other Mexican party fun.
  • Popinata is a 10-pay line, 5-reel online slot with the primary draw being the wild re-spin feature, which offers some enormous wins. The coin size goes from $0.01 to $0.10 during ordinary gameplay, with the ability to change the number of pay lines you want to play with.

Blood Suckers- 

  • Another vampire-themed online slots game is Blood Suckers. There are 25 pay-lines on five reels in this game. The RTP of Blood Suckers is a whopping 98 percent. The game also includes appealing gaming elements and stunning graphics.
  • Not to mention, Blood Suckers features a slew of free spins and a low-cost entry point of $0.25 per pay line. Blood Suckers TM gives “high stakes” a whole new meaning.
  • You’re in for some gruesome Gothic imagery! It’s time to go vampire hunting, so sharpen your stakes and get your crosses ready! We make hundreds of interesting slot games, and you can find a complete list of our other video slots here.
  • Enter the vampires’ lair and spin the reels in the hopes of landing three or more symbols on a pay line. Garlic, crossbows, holy bibles, and a mysterious elixir are symbols with a distinct vampire hunter aura.
  • Vampires of all shapes and sizes, all hungry for your blood, are among the higher-paying symbols. The vampire lord is the best paying symbol, earning up to 20 times your bet.

Arrogant Pirates-

  • Released back in 2013, the arrogant pirates is a slot game with a modern design presenting powerful soundtracks that will get you in the right mood and play an adventurous mood. This game has 15 pay lines with all paid wins.
  • It won’t disappoint you and provides millions of games to improvise sound effects. Arrogant Pirates is a five-reel, three-row video slot. It, like its younger sibling, has a pay-both-ways feature, which means that landing three to five matching symbols on a line pays both left to right and right to left.

Asgard – 

  • Asgard is one of the nine realms, But it is not real. In mythology, it was the home of gods. It is a casino full of myths and misconceptions that it has great graphics, interesting gameplay, and loads of bonuses, but in reality, it has only a land of myths and is full of real thrills.
  • Free Spencer grabs with special features, and the gameplay had a lot of bonuses. Software development pragmatic play is still new to the scene. Players are enjoying the great graphics on these reels.

Monopoly big affair- 

  • Many casino gamblers enjoy the game of Monopoly. The game was a childhood favorite for most of us, and it is still a favorite among adults. All slot enthusiasts should play Monopoly Big Event.
  • This fantastic game has a fantastic RTP that starts at 96 percent and goes all the way up to 99 percent. Players will be kept engaged and entertained by a plethora of instantly recognizable content and interesting bonus games. Monopoly Big Event should be at the top of your selection of online slots to play.

Tower Fortuna- 

  • Tower Fortuna is an online Slot, and it seems to shine on you. It was released on 30 September 2021, offering a different level of gameplay and high-quality artwork. It is unique, and the slot machine blends ancient Greek legends. Its maximum RTP is 96.09%.
  • Tower Fortuna has five pay lines and three reels with a medium variance. It is one of the most believable trustable online Slots and has a Crimson flag, Wilds, which increases the price multipliers. It is a type of 3D slot provided by the casino.


Some players try to chart progressive jackpot levels to gain an advantage, but there’s no guarantee you’ll win. To overcome the house edge, jackpots must be quite large; you are no more likely to win when the jackpot is enormous than when it is small. The wheel spins events and free spins are all included in the entertainment package.

With that in mind, the greatest strategy for playing slots is to choose a game that you enjoy. Big jackpot games are offered, and video slots with bonuses are made for you if you desire more pleasure. When huge winnings arise, please take advantage of them, but don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose. Relax, watch the show, and have a good time.

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