How to Play Monopoly?

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a classic board game such as Monopoly? Monopoly is an amazing board game that people of almost every age group play. Although it is not simple to play, it can be pretty tough to learn how to play Monopoly. But don’t you worry, we have a complete guide on how to play Monopoly. All you need is to follow the guide given below. The rules of this game can be complicated; however, many people have their ways of enjoying this game. Here we have the official rules of Monopoly that will help you to learn how to play Monopoly real quick. In this guide, you’ll get to know about

how to set up the board, start the game, and end the game.

The first step of playing any board game is to set up the game. Consider the following steps for setting up your monopoly board game:

  • Gather 2 to 8 players
  • Select a banker
  • Set up the board
  • Choose a game piece
  • Give each player some amount of money
  • Choose the first player by rolling the dice
  1. Gather 2 to 8 players:

The minimum player required for playing Monopoly is two, it can not be played solo, and the maximum number of players should be 8.

The variations in the number of players have their advantages and disadvantages, so make sure to know the players before you decide on the number of players. However, according to the mechanics and nature of this game, two players are not recommended to play the game. It is so because both the players will be matched equally during the game’s initials, and the game will last a long time. And, if a player makes a significant move or is lucky enough, they will win the game quickly and leave no chance for the opponent to catch up. So, do not start the game with two players. However, it can be a bit of fun.

The idle number of players for playing Monopoly is 3-5 as 3-5 players maintain a great balance between fun and fairness. With 3-5 players, the game can last for an hour or two if the players are equally matched. During the point where someone seems to be winning, a lot of excitement is created between the rest of the players to stay in the game.

Playing with players is fun. However, there are some issues faced while playing with a maximum number of players. This is so because only one person can win the game, so the number of players is more than the number of losers. And additionally, there will be a long waiting time between each player’s turns. Although, it’s not a more prominent issue while playing Monopoly, as you have various options available for you to do while you wait for your turn.

Monopoly players should be aged eight or above, although younger players seem not to enjoy the game honestly, as they don’t like to lose the game, and it requires various tricks and strategies to win the game. So if you have a younger player, you must try to cooperate with the play style.

  1. Select a banker:

Among all the players, choose a player to handle the money, houses, hotels, and property belonging to the bank. This person who manages all these things is known as a banker. The banker can play the game too while doing their duty, but the banker should isolate their part of the money required for playing the game. To ease the banking system, make a box and place it where all the players can reach and help themselves with the money, properties, houses, and hotels. The banker should make sure that the players can only take the money if the banker allows it.

  1. Set up the board:

The next step is to set up the board. Now it’s when you unfold your Monopoly board and lay it on the base. Place the board in such a position where each player has sufficient space to keep their properties and money in front of them. Make sure to layout—the Community Chest cards and chance in the centre.

  1. Choose a game piece:

There are several game pieces available in this game. Choose a game piece for each player to run around the board. Monopoly comes with an extensive collection of game pieces, although you can also choose any small object of your own. Selecting the game piece is independent as they all serve the same purpose. It does not affect the gameplay in any form.

  1. Give each player some amount of money.

Now it’s time to give some amount of money to each player. It’s the starting money provided by the banker to each of the players. It is mandatory to provide the amount. You can store your money wherever you want, or you can also display it in front. You can exchange the amount in other forms like, if you have 500, you can split it into 100 × 5.

  1. Choose the first player by rolling the dice:

Now each player will have to roll the dice, and the one with the highest number will get a chance to go first, and then the game will be continued in clockwise format. You can choose one or two dice depending upon your interest and the number of players. If you have any younger players among you, let them go first, as this will keep their interest in the game, and you will save some time invested in selecting the player who will go first.

The second major step you must follow while playing Monopoly is getting to know the rules and regulations of the game

  • Roll the dice and move your game piece according to the dice number
  • Look at the point where your game piece rests
  • Buy the property
  • Trading of the unowned property
  • Charge rents
  • Buy all the coloured group properties
  • Build houses
  • Charge on passing GO
  • Community Chest card
  • Go to Jail
  • Dealing with other players
  1. Roll the dice and move your game piece according to the dice number:

Each player will roll the dice and move the game piece according to the number displayed on the dice. If you get the highest number on both dice, you will get another chance to roll it.

  1. Look at the point where your game piece rests:

Monopoly has a large collection of properties to buy or places to rent on; you can choose whether to buy the property only if your game piece rests on it. Monopoly has a few interesting places where you’ll have to select a card, and as per the card, you can collect money or even go to Jail.

  1. Buy the property:

You can buy it when your game piece rests on an unowned property. You may purchase the property for the amount given on the board if you land first on the coloured stripe across the top. Try to buy as many properties as possible so you can sell them for a higher amount or may charge the rent.

  1. Trading of the unowned property:

If your game piece rests on any unsold property, and you are not interested in buying that property, you can trade it and sell it to the

highest bidder. As per the official rulebook of Monopoly, if your game piece lands on an unowned property and you choose not to buy it, then the banker auctions it, and one with the highest bid can buy the property, the one who landed on the property can also participate in the auctions. If nobody chooses to buy that property, it returns to the bank, continuing the game.

  1. Charge rents:

If someone else lands on your property, charges them, and collects the rent, they should pay you the rent printed on the card for that property. Rents vary according to the property, and all the charges are printed on the board.

  1. Buy all the coloured group properties:

To get a monopoly, try to buy all the properties in a coloured group. Once you own all the properties available in the coloured group, you will have a monopoly. Having a monopoly should be your primary goal, as once you get the Monopoly you can bankrupt other players easily, as you can charge double rent for their property on unimproved sites.

  1. Build houses:

You can build your house on Monopoly, and charge other players rent. The building prices are displayed on your property deed, so you can build a house accordingly. You can create a maximum of 4 houses on each property.

  1. Charge on passing GO:

Whenever you pass GO, you’ll get some amount of salary, make sure to collect it, through this way you can add a little more to your reserves.

  1. Community Chest card:

In the monopoly board, there is a spot marked as “Chance” or “Community Chest” in this spot. You will have to choose a card from the deck where you landed. You can earn money or lose money through these cards or even go to Jail accordingly. However, a card is also marked as “get out of jail free”.

  1. Go to Jail:

Once you go to Jail, you will not be able to move around until you are free. However, if someone lands on your property, you can still collect rent, you will still be able to participate in the auctions, and you will be allowed to trade properties with other people.

Here are three possible ways that can lead you to Jail:

  • Go to jail space
  • Pickup up the wrong Chance or Community Chest card
  • Getting three doubles on the same turn

If your game piece lands on the space marked as “Go to Jail” will lead you to the Jail, and you will go diagonally across the board straight to the Jail without crossing the GO, and your turn will be ended immediately. Even if you cross the GO on your way to Jail, you would not be allowed to collect your reward money. Once you go to Jail, you will have to keep your game piece inside the jail cell.

If you get three doubles on the same turn, it will also immediately lead you to Jail. By chance, if you landed on the jail space, you can keep your game piece on the “Just Visiting” section given on the board. You will have to skip the particular turn, and you won’t have any restrictions, and you can continue on your next turn as usual.

However, if you have enough money, you can pay the fine and get out of Jail. You

You will have to purchase a Jail Free card, and you are good to go.

Ending the Game:

If you want to finish your game quickly, set a game time limit of an hour or two, so when the time is up, you can count the total amount of money each player holds and calculate the printed price of the properties each player holds. The player with the highest amount of money will be considered the winner.

If your game piece lands on the Free Parking, you won’t be awarded any amount. Although many people use slight variations, you won’t be rewarded for landing on the Free Parking as per the monopoly rulebook.


The common criticism of Monopoly is that it may take unlimited time to reach the endpoint.

Even though it has great termination conditions, finishing this game may take a lot of time. It can go for several hours. So, try to set a game time limit before starting to play.

According to Hasbro, a toy company, the longest game of Monopoly ever played ended on the 70th day, since the beginning of the game. In this game, if you have more money than your assets can afford, you will be declared bankrupt, and you will be thrown straight out of the game. And all the money and property you own will be given to the particular player who caused you to become bankrupt.

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