How to Play Online Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is a game that is easy to learn and play. Two cards are dealt with the table, one to the Dragon betting position and one to the Tiger betting position.

If you are playing first you have to make your bet on the Dragon, Tiger, or Tie. The Side Bets may be found in the section below.

The lowest ranking card is an ace, with the rest of the cards following their natural values – two is the next lowest, and a king is the highest.

At the time of a tie – both the Dragon and Tiger slots being dealt the same card – players lose half of their stake on either Dragon or Tiger.

Winning bets are paid out once you finish the game round.

What is Live Dragon Tiger?

The Goa 247 Live Dagon Tiger is a live casino game that is similar to Baccarat, but much simpler. Live Dragon Tiger is a popular card game in Asia and India because it only requires two cards to play.

The fast gameplay is what distinguishes the game. Every round only takes about 25 seconds to complete.

You can use a special interface through Baccarat-style to keep track of stats and improve your gameplay by predicting the outcomes of your future rounds in the game.

You can also chat with a friendly and smiling female dealer during the game. When you need to change the view, you can choose between two options: a classic view and a 3D view.

Different forms of bets and payments

The greatest RTP for the main bet for Dragon / Tiger is 96.27 %. In the game, you can place four different kinds of bets: higher, lower, and no bet.

Higher or lower

Dragon High and Tiger High are both available for betting. A Dragon high and Tiger high bet will win if an 8 is dealt. However, if a 7 or below is dealt, you will lose.

You may also place a bet on Dragon Low or Tiger High. If you get get a 6, you will get a Dragon low and a Tiger high. You are out if you are dealt a 7 or higher.


The UI of Goa 247 is simple and It offers you to choose your top five chips that other software developers lack.

There is a live chat option available, as well as the option to tip the dealers. Something We strongly advise you to do.

The dealers at Goa 247 probably don’t wear any clothing, so a raise in pay may be just what they need to get a new dress.


Camera options

The camera angle is unique, making the table seem tiny and viewable. Everything in the casino seems cramped, and the background will become more close.

The game also features a second camera view that focuses on the UI rather than the table.

Tie Bet

A tie bet is an extra side bet that you can place on the Dragon or Tiger card to be the same in rank, regardless of suit.

If the round finishes in a tie and you placed a tie bet, you will get 50% of your original place bet back. In this case, a tie results in an 11:1 payment.

Suited Tie Bet

A suited tie bet is an additional side bet that can be put if the Dragon and Tiger cards have the same rank and suit.

If you bet on a suited tie and the rounds end in a suited tie, you will get 50% of your bet back. The suited tie bet pays 50:1 in this case.

Side Bets

  • Each gaming round allows you to put many side bets.
  • Dragon Big and Tiger Big bets win if the appropriate primary position is dealt an eight or higher. You can be defeated in situations with a score of seven or below.
  • Dragon Small and Tiger Small bets win if the corresponding main position is dealt a six or below and lose if the corresponding main position is dealt a seven or higher.
  • A, 3, 5, 9, J, K are the winning cards for the Dragon Odd and Tiger Odd betting positions.
  • The winning cards for the Dragon Even and Tiger Even bets are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Q.
  • The number 7 is not included in the Dragon/Tiger Odd/Even bets, therefore in the case of a 7, all Odd/Even bets are lost.
  • The number 7 is not included in the Dragon/Tiger Big/Small bets, and if it appears, all Big/Small bets lose.
  • Side bets are not related to the main game betting. You can make a bet on the Dragon main bet position and a Tiger Odd side bet.

How to avoid tie bets

 Tie bets will pay you 8 to 1 if you want to avoid them. The house has a 32.77 percent advantage. Based on 86,320 hand combinations, the house advantage is 32.77 percent.

You will lose your bets in 79,872 of the 86,320 hand combinations. Because only 6,488 of the 86,320 hand combinations are tied bet.

You should not depend on betting systems.

Because of its simplicity, Dragon Tiger is a game where betting methods can operate. But be aware that no betting method will work.

Place your bets on the Dragon or the Tiger.

Both the Dragon and Tiger have a house advantage of 3.73 percent. That is why you should always place your bets on Dragon or Tiger. Because it is a simple method to follow.

Make your bet on Dragon if you believe that dragon has the dragon. Bet on Tiger if you believe tiger has the best chance of success.

Learn how to count cards.

Because Dragon Tiger is such a simple game, it fits itself perfectly with card counting.

For example, since 7s are the losing cards, you may count the number of 7s dealt from the deck.

A similar method can be used with cards with values of 8 or higher. Check how many 8s are dealt from the deck to choose whether to go for a smaller or larger bet.


The Goa 247 Dragon Tiger online regulations are quite easy. It offers one of the simplest card games you’ll discover, and you can learn the fundamentals in only a few minutes.

Dragon Tiger isn’t the only easy casino game available, there aren’t too many

For example, the idea behind online roulette is straightforward: bet on a number, and if it comes up, you win. However, when inside and outside bets, corners, and baskets are included, the game gets a bit more complicated.

Dragon Tiger, on the other hand, is not like this. The rules are straightforward, and there are no complex side bets.

On the table, there are two cards or tokens: the Dragon and the Tiger. Take them to be a replacement for the player and dealer, except that you can bet on whichever you want. All you have to do is bet on whether the dealer will give a higher card to the Dragon or Tiger. Aces are few.

You have seven or eight different ways to gamble. As said before, the two primary bets are Dragon and Tiger. You can also bet on ‘Big’ (8 to King) or ‘Small’ (Ace to 7) for either Dragon or Tiger (all Big and Small bets lose if the card is a 7). That adds up to four more bets.

Another betting option is a ‘Tie,’ which usually pays out at odds starting from 8/1 to 11/1. If both the Dragon and Tiger are dealt the same card value, regardless of suit, the player wins. Some casinos will additionally provide ‘Suited Tie,’ which requires the card to match in both value and suit.

What do we have to offer?

Privacy and safety

Goa 247 is an online casino with genuine gambling licenses and certifications that guarantee you to play fair and safe Dragon Tiger games. Goa 247 also performs a full background check to make sure the company is trustworthy and it has a large number of the satisfied user. We must also use encryption technologies to secure your data and payments.

Bonuses & Rewarding Offers

Most online casinos provide new players a big welcome bonus, but you can’t always use it to play Dragon Tiger. We’ll go through the terms and conditions to see which games are covered by each promotional offer. If you can utilize the bonus to play Dragon Tiger.

Deposits and withdrawals

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals Goa 247 checks every factor. One thing is that there is a quick and simple option to withdraw your Dragon Tiger wins. We also check the available currencies. If a casino accepts Indian Rupees, it will rise in our rankings.

Play Dragon Tiger Live on Mobile

Dragon Tiger is a game that is very fast and simple to learn, making it excellent for gamers who prefer mobile casino gambling. Goa 247  put the games through their tests on both desktop and mobile devices.

Exciting game Themes

There are game-changers in the betting possibilities at many casinos. This may include the Dragon Tiger table’s structure, the availability of bets like Suited Tie, and even

differing odds. Goa 247 analysts understand what to look for and will use this while analyzing each Dragon Tiger casino game in India.

Dragon Tiger strategy

Goa 247 Dragon Tiger is such a basic game, there isn’t much in the way of complex strategy. This can be refreshing for players since it eliminates the need to overthink things while playing. However, when it comes to Dragon Tiger’s strategy, there are a few factors to consider. Here are some helpful hints when playing Dragon Tiger online:

Make it simple

The Goa 247 offers the lowest betting on Dragon or Tiger. Big or Small is just the same bet, except any seven ends your action. And then there’s Tie.

Ties are not permitted

Don’t bet on a tie! It’s the wrong choice and it will mix things up, as you can make a profit up to 11 times your investment. The casino advantage, on the other hand, is a huge 32.77 percent. You might get lucky, but the chances are strongly in favor of the casino every time you bet on the Tie in Dragon Tiger.

Start Counting

Card counting is an option in Dragon Tiger, just as it is in real blackjack. Counting how many cards have an 8 or higher value is a nice place to start, and then you can choose whether bet on Big or Small. Instead, you can keep records of how many 7s have come out of the deck to evaluate if you should skip Big or Small bets entirely.

Use Caution When Using Betting Systems

Because Dragon Tiger is a simple game, some people suggest utilizing a basic casino method, such as the Martingale system. However, keep in mind the possibility for a large loss and if you have a bad run and small profit which can be gained from winning. Just like in Casino War, keep things basic.

Utilize a Suit-Based Strategy

Dragon Tiger is a game where luck plays the most important role, but that doesn’t imply there isn’t a method to play it strategically. The best way to win is to keep track of which suits have been dealt the most, implying that the suit bet is the best bet for this strategy like how many suit cards are in play and how many decks have been utilized. If your estimations reveal that the club’s suit has been played the least after a certain period, your best bet would be to bet on the clubs.

Dragon Tiger Game Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play Dragon Tiger on the internet?

Dragon Tiger may be played online on a variety of sites in India. But Goa 247 is the best gambling site and it is a  betting site that is licensed. Check out our games at Goa 247. live if you’re looking for a platform that offers a real betting experience.

Check out our games at Goa 247. live if you’re looking for a platform that offers a real betting experience.

Are Dragon Tiger online games rigged?

The online Dragon Tiger games are safe to play and are not rigged cause you are playing on a licensed site. You can monitor the dealer’s every move since the live dealer is there in front of you on the screen.


When you are playing on Goa 247 real money, always go with the Dragon or Tiger bet. These have a decent winning chance of 3.73 %. Tie bets should not be put because they have an extremely significant house advantage that can reach around 14 percent.   As a result, this is the least bet you can make in a Live Casino.

We highly advise you to play the Evolution Gaming version. Goa 247 offers the greatest version of Dragon Tiger, complete with suited tie bet, skilled dealers, full HD broadcast, multiple interface options, and much more.

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