How to Play Online Lightning Roulette

How to play online Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is an online gambling game from Evolution Gaming’s Riga, Latvia studio. This is a combination of RNG games and world-class Live Roulette takes place there. The game was built as Evolution Gaming’s best game to date.

The game can be played on the Goa 247 website and apps through a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer in terms of usability. Also, it can be played by an infinite number of concurrent players. It also has a Direct Game Launch function, which makes it incredibly easy to access for gamers.

These main reasons helped the Goa 247 live casino games to win multiple prestigious rewards. These rewards include Product Innovation of the Year and EGR’s Game of the Year 2018.

However, the main reason Lighting Roulette is so popular is the way it combines excitement with massive winnings. Each Lucky Numbers reward is paid out very high, up to 500:1 non-multiplied bet also pays well, with a 30:1 payoff for Straight Bets being particularly appealing.

Finally, Lightning Roulette is licensed and controlled by several credible regulatory agencies. The Maltese Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Alderley Gambling Control Commission are among them.

What is a live casino?

Live casino is an online game where you’ll be able to play in real-time with Goa 247 who is overseeing the actions just like you would in a real-life casino. To play casino games all you need is an internet connection, so you can participate from home or on the go, using your computer or mobile device.

In addition to the real-time play, you’ll get HD graphics to engage you in the Goa 247 live casino experience, making it as close to being on the casino floor as you can get.

If you run into a problem or have a question while playing a Goa 247 live casino, you can use the live chat function to interact with the dealer just as if you were there at the table.


Why Play Live Casino Games?

The Goa 247 live casino allows you to watch all of the action on the casino in real-time from the comfort of your own home.

Win additional bonuses

When you play Goa 247 live casino online, you’ll have access to special offers and bonuses while you’re playing, as well as our live casino welcome bonus, which you won’t find in a casino.

Real-time gaming

You play in real-time, with a real dealer, rather than against a computer, and the live chat feature allows you to communicate with the dealer whenever you are facing any problem. You can see the roulette wheel spin live as well as the cards being dealt and played.

Engage yourself in the game.

Goa 247 uses advanced technology to create a truly immersive experience, as you can see and hear the casino background by just using your computer or smartphone.

Lightning Roulette Strategy

The outcome of the game is determined by which pocket of the wheel the white ball lands in. However, logic dictates that you should place straight-up bets because the Lucky Numbers have the potential for large payouts. Otherwise, you’ll be playing regular odds roulette without the added excitement.

In terms of betting systems, you cannot use any of the standard roulette systems, such as the Martingale Strategy, because they require you to bet on 50/50 bets such as red or black, or odd or even. The best strategy is to bet what you can afford to spread across multiple straight-up numbers.

The more numbers you have, the more likely it is that you will land on one of the Lucky Numbers. Then it’s just a matter of crossing your fingers and hoping for your Lucky Number to appear.


The Most Effective Lightning Roulette Strategy

Lightning Roulette is the best game with fantastic prizes, but there are no exact methods for predicting the result. Straight-up bets are required to win the multipliers, but you cannot predict which numbers will be the correct numbers. Martingale and Fibonacci strategies cannot assist you in selecting a fortunate number before you put the bet.

You may put bets on all of the numbers. Assume you place a €10 wager on each of the 37 numbers, which will cost you €10 x 37 = €370. Because the multiplier for a straight bet is 30x, the minimum win is €10 times 30 = €300. This implies that you will lose €70 on each bet.

You can continue to place your bets until you find a fortunate number. If you are at a multiplier of 500x, you will get €10 x 500 = €5.000. You will earn a profit if you strike this lucky number with 70 bets (€70 loss on each bet you do not hit the lucky number/ €5.000).

The issue with this method is that you can’t predict when or how often the multipliers will arrive. You may try utilizing the information shown and placing bets based on past round outcomes. However, this does not fix the issue since Online Roulette is a game of chance with a random result. You can’t anticipate future outcomes based on past ones.

 Is it possible to spend the bonus at Lightning Roulette?

You can play Lightning Roulette Casino with bonus money at one of the greatest live casinos, but you cannot utilize your usual welcome bonus for this. You would not be permitted to play live games with a usual welcome casino bonus.  If that’s possible, it will not count the wagering or will just count for a portion of 10%.  As a result, you must choose an online casino that offers a Live Casino bonus. When you make your initial deposit, you will be able to choose the bonus. At that time, you will discover deals that will offer you a bonus on live casino deposits. For this, feel free to access a discount code or contact customer care to get this bonus. Make sure to read the bonus terms and conditions so you know what wagering requirements apply. After that, just sit back, relax, and enjoy Lightning Roulette Casino.

Differences Between Classic Roulette and Online Roulette

As we all know, traditional online roulette games have a croupier standing behind a table. This table features a wheel and markings on the felt table. The croupier spins the wheel and throws a little ball into the rotation. The ball will land in one of 37 pockets, 18 of which are red, 18 of which are black, and a green one. You can deposit a chip on an odd number and if your ball falls in a red pocket, the precise number of the pocket, and a variety of other things.

Live Lightning Roulette

Live Lightning Roulette is one of the most modern and innovative roulette games you have ever seen. Goa 247 provides players with a lot of entertainment and exciting features. Furthermore, the game loads quickly and has excellent video quality as well as other amazing options. It is also playable in the majority of the top iPad roulette apps and many real money roulette Android apps. If you want to play roulette on your own, you can do so at Genesis Casino, Grand Ivy Casino, and many other casinos. Gamble responsibly, and with a little luck on your side, you could even become a big winner.



Why Goa 247 Lightning Roulette

Goa 247 has grown and gained popularity so quickly. It game delivers the classic European Roulette into an exciting platform where you can win big prizes. The multipliers of up to 500x are a fantastic new feature that cannot be found in any other roulette game. However, we are aware that some people prefer to stick with the classic style. If this is the case, we recommend that you try Immersive Roulette, another popular live game from Evolution Gaming. You could also try the thematic London Roulette or the fast Speed Roulette.

Play casino games on your smartphone or tablet!

Using the Mobile app, you can play Blackjack, Roulette, Live Casino, and Slots games on your iOS or Android phone or tablet. It means you can participate in the game no matter whether you are in-home or outdoor.

What Goa 247 Lightning Roulette Offers

Select Your Chip Value

There are many players in the Goa 247. You can choose the one with whom you wish to play.

Make Your Predictions

You may put your bets on the ball that spins. You can place all of the standard roulette bets. For a lightning number, only straight-up bets are available. You may win up to 500x on your bet and if you place a straight bet, your number becomes a lightning number.

Select your bet

The Lightning Numbers Have Been Determined Each round, one to five Lightning Numbers are selected. Those lightning values are multiplied by the factors of 50x to 500x.

Lightning Numbers

The ball stops. When it comes to your bet you’ll get paid after that. After all of the winners have been paid, a new round will begin.


More Casino games will be added to the app shortly. Now you can learn more about our infinite range of games that are currently accessible on your desktop.

Make a Deposit Here

Download the app which is available for iOS and Android. Play casino games on the mobile on the go.

More Information about Casino Instant Bonus

●             Find out how your Instant Bonus works and how to utilize it by visiting the Goa 247 Casino Instant Bonus website.

●             Find out more about Playing for Real Money Chip Stack.

●             Make your first real money deposit and begin playing right now. Deposits are quick and safe.

Live Roulette FAQ

1.   How can I know whether playing Goa 247 live Roulette is safe?

To get results with random digits Goa 247 uses Random Number Generators with a reliable website that will also ensure that system cross-checks are performed regularly to maintain the fair game. Aside from the Goa 247 website is licensed and regulated with organizations that verify all online casino games are running perfectly.

2.   How does Goa 247 provide live-dealer roulette?

There are many live-dealer in Goa 247 that provide live Roulette games, as well as some other games like Baccarat and Blackjack.

3.   Can I Play Live Roulette in Goa 247 for real money?

Yes, Goa 247 Live Roulette offers a variety of live roulette and other live dealer games that can be played for real money.

4.   Can I bet often?

Players can bet on Roulette games in Lightning Roulette with a maximum range of bets by following European Live Roulette standards.

5.   What will be the probability of winning?

Players have more opportunities to win thanks to randomly produced Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts (multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, and 500x) Following the acceptance of all player bets, the number of Lucky Numbers (one to five), the Lucky Numbers, and the sums of the Lucky Payouts are selected randomly. If the ball falls on the Lucky Number and the player has placed a right bet on that number, the player will get one of the Lucky Payouts ranging from 50 to 500:1.

6.   How will I get paid?

Straight bets that are not multiplied and you will get paid 30:1. Also, other bets like Splits, corners, red/black, and dozens pay the same as ordinary Roulette.


Goa 247 is a platform that is a far more exciting way to play live dealer roulette. It also offers many slots to its players because the winning potential is greater on your bet.

We think you’ll agree that the chance to get a 500x multiplier for a straight-up number bet sounds like a pretty good deal!

Any strategy or tip will always be dependent on your luck and risk-taking factor. You can either play it like a lottery and bet small amounts on one number straight up (which will hit a multiplied number about once every 1369 spins), or you can bet all the numbers and play it safe – though this requires a bigger bankroll to start your bigger bet.

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