How to Play Online Starburst Slots?

Online slot games are becoming more popular, particularly among younger people transforming the gambling business with their interests and requirements. There are many reasons for the increased popularity of slot machines, including the simplicity of the games, life-changing rewards, and enhanced engagement that draw consumers to such games.

There are hundreds of slot machine games to pick from, and new games are introduced every day. However, only a few games survive and reach the top of the rankings.

Such a game is the Starburst Slot Machine, which was launched about a decade ago by the famed game developer NetEnt and has since become one of the most popular online slots in the world.

If you are searching about How to play online starburst slots? In this article, we will discuss How to play online starburst slots? And Cheats for the online starburst slots.

About online starburst slots

NetEnt is a game developer recognized for its profitable game concepts with unique gameplay, and they did not disappoint with Starburst. Starburst is a slot game that combines beautiful old-school visuals with current technology to take you back to traditional land-based casinos.

Aside from the rich and colorful aesthetics, a big portion of its popularity stems from the regular and substantial winnings. On top of all that, they have an amazing soundtrack with high-energy music that inspires enthusiasm and anticipation.

Furthermore, Starburst has a remarkable RTP of 96.1 percent, which is an amazing deal for a slot machine when the average RTP throughout all slot machines is 75 percent.

Rules of online starburst slots

  • Starburst is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot that includes re-spins and a win-both-ways feature.
  • You can bet on 1 to 10 separate bet lines with varying bet amounts and coin values.
  • The Wild symbols in Starburst can only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4.
  • The Starburst Wild feature is activated when one or more Starburst Wilds occur anywhere on reels 2, 3, or 4.
  • The Starburst Wilds grow to span the full reel and stay in place as the other reels re-spin during the Starburst Wild feature.
  • If a fresh Starburst Wild occurs during a re-spin, it grows and remains in position alongside any previously expanded Starburst Wilds for another re-spin.
  • When no fresh Starburst Wilds occur during a re-spin, the Starburst Wild feature ends.
  • After a Starburst Wild causes a re-spin, up to two other Starburst Wild symbols can occur, initiating one additional re-spin for each new Starburst Wild symbol for three re-spins.
  • Re-spins are played at the same stake as the round that triggered the re-spins.
  • All payouts and plays are null and invalid in the event of a malfunction.


Bonus rounds of online starburst slots

  • There is no standard bonus feature in Starburst. This wild, futuristic slot contains a respin system that can be triggered on any ordinary spin.
  • When you land the stacked wilds on any of the center three reels, you’ll be paid out the normal payouts. The stacked wilds eventually secure in place, and the remaining reels respin to give you another opportunity to win.
  • If you stop in another set of stacked wilds, you’ll not only strike some big combos, but you’ll also win another respin.
  • This innovative device has considerable payout potential, with a maximum of three respins available.

How to play online starburst slots?

Whenever it comes to gameplay, the game’s simplistic and old-school aesthetics indicate that the rules are rather simple, which is true. Starburst is one of the simplest video slots to play, which is partly why it is popular with beginners.

The game begins with futuristic visuals, flashing lights, and strong music to pump your adrenaline.

You must first select your bet level and coin value to begin playing. That’s it! All that remains is to hit the “spin” button and hope for a winning combination.

The normal Starburst game features ten fixed pay lines, and if this is too hard for you, there will be an autoplay mode that allows you to select up to 1000 spins and sit back and watch the gameplay itself.

The only thing to understand is how the pay lines function and the value of the symbols so you can better understand your targets when playing. Aside from that, Starburst is a reasonably simple game that can be learned in minutes.

Once you’ve mastered it, you can turn off the automatic option and play the game independently. Starburst also has a quick spin setting that can significantly boost your playing speed if you like quick gaming.

There are a few things to keep in mind regarding the paytable. Aside from the standard flashing jewels in all forms and colors, the gold bar is the symbol to strive for since it may increase your wins.

The multi-colored Starburst symbol, often known as the “wild” sign in Starburst, surpasses all other symbols in the game. The Starburst wild symbol can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, triggering a re-spin option.

It can accelerate your journey until you reach the coveted gold bar, resulting in massive wins.

How to win online starburst slots

  • The secret to success in Starburst is not to get too far ahead of yourself. This isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. You may have to handle the slot when it’s cold. However, it is worthwhile for those scorching times.
  • Don’t go overboard with your spending. To take advantage of the increasing wilds, you need to bet big. But it would help if you were here long enough to take advantage of these opportunities. It’s a delicate balancing act that you’ll master as you play.
  • Take no deposit bonuses and free spins to offer your real money balance a break. You can convert the bonus into real cash, which you can then add to your bankroll.
  • Consider experimenting with mobile. While Starburst works the same on your phone or tablet, these gadgets are more comfortable. This guarantees you can play for longer periods and take advantage of mobile-only bonuses.
  • Remember to be strong when the going gets rough. Long losing streaks may be aggravating. That following spin, on the other hand, maybe something extraordinary.
  • Take a step back if you do need a break from the game. Then, do something else. Gambling is intended to be a joyful pastime; it is not supposed to make you angry or upset.
  • In a slot tournament, are you playing Starburst? When entering a tournament, use caution. Early entries are OK, but you may not have enough time to make a mark on the scoreboard if you enter too late.

Cheats for the online starburst slots

Let’s be honest: we’ve all considered Starburst slot cheats. Imagine having the ability to enter the game, edit the code, and make the next spin a winning one.

Or if you could enter a cheat code and quickly activate the bonus round, as if you were playing a video game. As appealing as this may seem, there is no way to fool a slot machine due to the advanced technology used in each game.

Even if there was a method to cheat a casino in this manner, we’re very confident there would be legal repercussions!

What you should know regarding slot machines is that each game has an RNG component, which stands for a random number generator, and is how the game creates unexpected results with each and every spin.

For regulatory reasons, game developers and the casinos that promote the game must ensure that the game is completely random. To summarize, it is impossible to alter the outcomes of an online slot machine.

So, instead of hoping for a means to plug ourselves into the matrix one day, we’ll have to settle with some more simple and effective techniques. Here are a few ideas for things to try the next time you play the famous NetEnt slots game.

The highest winnings come from the biggest bets.

There are two viable approaches to playing online slots. You can place a large number of smaller bets – or place fewer, considerably larger wagers.

How much you can win truly does scale with how much you bet – and when you make little bets, it might seem like your balance is steadily being drained. One approach you might attempt is to gradually increase your bets when you win, possibly even banking apart as “profit.”

Stop gambling when it stops being enjoyable.

Stop gambling when it stops being enjoyable. It should not annoy you, make you upset, or make you want to throw a chair out of frustration. If you’re playing an online slot and want to criticize something for your bad luck, we recommend taking a long walk or doing anything else that makes you happy.

You are cooking, spending time with family, writing a book – taking a vacation from the games. Once you return to your game, you will undoubtedly enjoy it more—one of the best Starburst slot tips available.

Have you been playing for a long time? Use autoplay

If you want to play for an extended period of time but don’t want to see every spin of the game, you can use the autoplay feature.

Use autoplay The term “autoplay” refers to the slot’s ability to play automatically until specified conditions are met. What precisely are the conditions?

You can set things to a halt after a particular amount of money has been earned or after a certain amount of money has been moved in your balance. You can also stop if you have lost a specified amount of money. Overall, the autoplay feature is ideal for strong players who want to automate their game time.

Get even more comfortable with mobile.

Get even more at ease with mobile technology, which surprises with each new year. And mobile casinos have made it possible for us to enjoy our favorite games and slots no matter where we are.

The most significant benefit of playing mobile is that you don’t require a very costly computer setup, nor do you need to sit in an uncomfortable posture for long periods of time. You can spin in utmost comfort by reclining on your favorite sofa, chair, or sitting posture with your mobile or tablet!

Claim Starburst Free Spins with no deposit.

It may seem obvious, but you’d be shocked how many people fail to take advantage of the hundreds of Starburst free spins offered online.

Especially when you consider the possibility of winning actual real money, the saying that “nothing comes for free” doesn’t apply to these offers. Whenever you claim no deposit free spins, you receive a legitimate opportunity to play for free.

You don’t have to win every time, but you can’t lose either. You can play from anywhere because many of these are free spins on Starburst no deposit mobile, and you won’t even have to deposit to activate them.

All you have to do is join up and create a new account to claim the spins. These deals are the very definition of ‘on the house.’ It’s all positive when you don’t take any risks.

There are many casinos prepared to provide you with free spins to play. With so much competition for online casinos out there, you can be certain that these deals will be plentiful. We at Goa 247 provide a lot of free spins with no deposit bonuses.

Understand How to Make Huge Wins in Starburst

A jackpot is a big event, but there is little you can do to influence when it strikes. You want to invest as much as you can in these important times to maximize your chances.

However, many inexperienced players are unaware that Starburst contains expanding wild symbols that appear on the three center reels. When they land, wins are usually always assured, and many wins can occur simultaneously.

Place your bets in anticipation of these increasing wilds. You want to increase your stake amounts in case they strike. When this happens, it is possible to get three or four winning combinations simultaneously.

The Starburst slot machine has a maximum payout of 50,000 coins. And to win, you must bet the maximum amount. If you place a medium-sized bet and the wilds appear, you will still win big – just not as much.

Familiarize Yourself With the Game – Create a Mental Map

One of the best things you can do is try out Starburst for free before putting your money at risk. And now you have various options for doing so. You can test the game with a demo account – or a bonus – with no or little risk. You can also win real money if you choose the second option.

Every game has its pattern, and you’ll quickly notice that Starburst only has seven symbols and ten pay lines. As a result, with all ten pay lines active, it’s simple to create winning combinations frequently.

Play around with the coin values, active pay lines, and bet levels until you’ve mastered all of the game’s aspects. Since Starburst is a simple game, this shouldn’t take too much time.

This is similar to creating a map of the environment. The more you know precisely about the game before starting to play for real money, the faster you’ll gain a feel for it. And the better your chances of seeing anything and capitalizing on it.

Pay Close Attention to Payout Patterns

Every slot has its own ‘volatility,’ which governs how often it pays out. Many games, for example, payout in large clusters, then a dry stretch, then another multi-win run.

Starburst is one example of this kind of game. It is conceivable to win three or four times, only to lose the next twenty spins.

Take advantage of this by increasing the bet when you win. Naturally, if you increase your bet amount and have many wins, the rewards will be larger.

This also applies in the other direction. When you’ve had two or three victories in a row, take a step back and prepare for a run of losing spins. You’ll know what to do when things start to ramp up again.

This is also referred to as the hot and cold effect. Casinos will have a list of their best-paying games, but those games might freeze up in seconds. Every slot features blazing hot spots followed by cool downtimes.

Where you can play online starburst slots

Since we’re talking about on-demand slot machines, Goa 247 offers free slots with bonus games. They include it in their roaster simply because it is a crowd-pleaser. Although most users play Starburst on a desktop computer, the game is also accessible on smartphones.

As a result, since Starburst is among the most famous slot games, every casino wants to include it in its collection. All you have to do now is choose the appropriate online casino such as Goa274 to your location and begin playing this jewel infusion of a game that offers a lot of rewards.

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